ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit

ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit

This hands-on lab teaches students how to use the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for antigen or antibody detection in a range of applications.​

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Note:This kit can be modified to accommodate use by individual workstations. Download instructions for modification.

ELISA and Immunoassays feature

Order or download the Bio-Rad ELISA Guide for more details about how an ELISA works and its many applications.

ELISA Hands-On Learning Activity

The ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit offers a hands-on lab activity for teaching the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). ELISA is a popular technique used for qualitative or quantitative antigen or antibody detection. Over-the-counter diagnostic tests that are based on the same principles as this ELISA activity include home COVID-19 tests, pregnancy and ovulation tests, and tests for the presence of substance like marijuana and cocaine. Use this lab to demonstrate the real-life relevance of antibodies, protein structure-function relationships, enzyme-substrate interactions, antibodies, and the immune system.

The ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit provides materials for up to 48 students (12 workstations) and includes an antigen, primary and secondary antibodies, HRP enzyme substrate, plastic microtubes, and microplates. The kit is:

  • Designed for use in high school and college courses, to be completed in a single 45-minute laboratory​​
  • Applicable to a range of courses, including biology, immunology, biomedical science, and biotechnology, as well as health, agriculture, and environmental sciences​
  • Not a simulation – uses real antibodies and antibody-enzyme conjugates to produce a vibrant color change​
  • Supported by free teaching resources, including a paper model activity, ready-to-use student-facing PowerPoint presentations, and a YouTube playlist with videos and webinars useful for students and teachers

Flexibility for Educators – Choice of Protocol

The ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit includes a choice of three activities. Choose the protocol most relevant to your course:

  • Protocol I: Tracking a disease outbreak — model the spread of disease by the sharing of simulated “body fluids”, followed by ELISA analysis of samples to determine infection status; work backward to track transmission and identify “patient zero”​
  • Protocol II: Antigen detection — determine infection or disease status, presence of hormone or drug, or GMO status​
  • Protocol III: Antibody detection — past exposure to virus, bacteria, other disease, or vaccination status

An extension detailing the procedure for a quantitative ELISA (antigen detection protocol) is also provided.

Engaging for Students – Multiple Real-World Scenarios​

Once you choose the protocol, the instruction manual provides examples of scenarios you can use as engaging ways for students to learn the principles of immunology and the practical applications of ELISA in a variety of settings.​

Other lab activity scenarios not included in the instruction manual include:​

Resources for Teaching ELISA

  • ELISA Paper Model Activity

    Use this paper model activity alongside the lab or animations to demonstrate how the components of an ELISA work together in antibody/antigen detection.​
    Download PDF (PDF 2.6 MB)​
    Download PPT (PPT 65.9 MB)​

  • ELISA Animations

    View and share animated tutorials designed to enhance the learning experience.
    Antigen Detection
    Antibody Detection

  • ELISA Immuno Explorer YouTube Playlist

    View a video quick guide, technique videos for both qualitative and quantitative ELISA, and recorded webinars demonstrating the ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit in action.​

Additional Information

HOSA: future health professionals

This kit is a resource for the HOSA competitive event in Biotechnology. To learn more, visit HOSA.org or bio-rad.com/HOSA.


Kit contains sufficient materials for 12 student workstations
(2–4 students per workstation)
Antigen (chicken γ-globulin)*
Primary antibody (rabbit anti-chicken polyclonal antibody)*
Secondary antibody (goat anti-rabbit antibody, conjugated to horseradish peroxidase, or HRP)*
HRP enzyme substrate (TMB), 25 ml
10x PBS, 100 ml
10% Tween 20, 5 ml
Disposable plastic transfer pipets
Microplates with 12-well strips (8 rows of 12 wells)
Yellow micro test tubes, 2.0 ml
Colored micro test tubes, 2.0 ml
Curriculum, including teacher's guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide
*Convenient lyophilized reagents



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Immunology classroom study kit, includes antigen, antibodies, HRP enzyme substrate, 10x PBS, 10% Tween, disposable plastic transfer pipets, test tubes, microplates, curriculum, for 48 students; education use only


Consumables refill reagents for use with ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit and the Giant Panda Problem Kit, contains antigen, antibodies, 10% Tween, 10x PBS, HRP enzyme substrate; education use only
Antibody (goat anti-rabbit antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase [HRP]), lyophilized for shipping and long-term storage; education use only
25 μg, antigen (chicken-γ-globulin), lyophilized for shipping and long-term storage; education use only
25 μg, antibody (rabbit anti-chicken polyclonal), lyophilized for shipping and long-term storage; education use only
Antibody (goat anti-rabbit antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase [HRP]), lyophilized for shipping and long-term storage; education use only


Number Description Options
ELISA Protocol III (Antibody Test), Biotechnology Explorer, Quick Guide, Rev A
ELISA Protocol II (Antigen Detection), Biotechnology Explorer, Quick Guide, Rev B
ELISA Protocol I (Tracking Disease Outbreaks), Biotechnology Explorer, Quick Guide, Rev B
Instruction Manual, ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit, Biotechnology Explorer, Rev E
Map of AP-Aligned Bio-Rad Kits with Learning Objectives
Case Study, Bio Bodyguard - Investigate Antibodies Using ELISA