Water PCR Testing Kits

Legionella detection using iQ-Check® qPCR
  • Dr. Michael Berg, EMLab P&K’s, Legionella expert
  • PCR as a part of your water risk management program

Real-Time PCR Water Testing

Perform Legionella quantification in hours instead of days with our complete testing solution based on real-time PCR detection.

Category Products

  • aquadian-kit-thumb-real-time-pcr-water-testing.jpg
    Aquadien DNA Extraction and Purification Kit
    The Aquadien DNA Extraction and Purification Kit uses tangential microfiltration technology for the best extraction performance, with optimized protocols for PCR analysis of all water and biofilm samples.
  • CIP10M_125.jpg
    CIP10-M Air Sampler
    The CIP10-M Air Sampler is a compact, portable, standalone device for on-site collection of aerosol samples for Legionella testing by PCR.