Transfer Buffers


Western blot transfer buffers are offered for transfer of proteins from a gel matrix and subsequent binding to membranes. Products include premixed transfer buffers, detergents, and blocking reagents.

Category Products

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    Premixed Transfer Buffers
    Three concentrated premixed transfer buffers are available: 10x Tris/glycine, 10x Tris/CAPS, and 20x SSC, as well as 10x PBS and 10x TBS.
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    Western Blotting Detergents
    Premixed blocking buffers available are PBS/casein and TBS/casein. Pipetting of Tween 20 is accurate and easy with 10% Tween 20.
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    Transfer Buffer Reagents
    Bio-Rad offers a complete line of reagents for the preparation of transfer buffers: DTT, EDTA, gelatin, glycine, iodoacetamide, β-ME, and many others.