Profinia™ Protein Purification System Kits and Reagents


Profinia Protein Purification Kits are available fors IMAC and GST purification and desalting on the Profinia Protein Purification System. Consumables include purification and desalting cartridges, application-specific buffers, and antibody detection tools.

Category Products

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    Profinia™ IMAC Kits
    Profinia IMAC kits are used for purification of histidine (His)-tagged proteins, in either native or denatured form.
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    Profinia™ GST Kits
    Profinia GST kits are used to purify GST-tagged proteins, and are available in three different configurations.
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    Profinia™ Desalting Kits
    Profinia desalting kits are used to desalt purified proteins by gel filtration. These products are available either as desalting purification kits or desalting buffer kits for use with the Profinia protein purification system.