Celselect Research Grant Program


Celselect Research Grant Program

Add efficiency, sensitivity — and your own Genesis System — to cell capture.

What is the Celselect Research Grant Program?

The complexity of life is rooted in cells. From cell structure, to genetic variability, gene expression and the formation of complex tissues and organs, all of biology is dependent upon this basic unit. Characterization of cells, their processes, and their interactions can provide insight into diverse areas such as the mechanisms of cancer and metastasis, disease, symbiosis, and the biological diversity of the planet.

Bio-Rad's Celselect Research Grant Program was created to broadly support eukaryotic cell-based research with the goal of enabling researchers to efficiently and gently capture and recover live cells from body fluids (liquid biopsy), cell culture, or environmental water samples for downstream research applications, providing novel insights into the most fundamental structures and processes of life. Downstream applications may include but are not limited to NGS (DNA-seq, RNA-seq, single-cell sequencing), digital PCR (dPCR), real-time PCR (qPCR), flow cytometry, western blot analysis, cell immunolabeling, and/or live cell staining.

In 2023, the Grant Program will award up to 10 grants to cell researchers located in either North America (continental U.S. and Canada) or the following European countries: UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Each grant awardee will receive:

The total retail value of each Grant Award is $50,000 USD.

The Genesis Cell Isolation System with Celselect Slides™

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The Genesis Cell Isolation System with Celselect Slides enables selection and capture of single cells, such as CTCs, rare cells, cultured cells, or cells in mixed populations, from a variety of liquid sample types, including body fluids (liquid biopsy), culture media, or environmental water samples, based upon size (8–30 µm). The Genesis System delivers samples from an input port into fluidic channels within the Celselect Slides. Cells move along these channels, which connect to 56,400 individual microchambers for cell capture. Cells and other fluid components that are < 8 µm flow through a bottom pore in each microchamber, while cells 8–30 µm are retained within microchambers. The gentle capture process retains cell native biology and is highly efficient, with blood samples showing a 99.9% elimination rate of RBCs, WBCs and other components.

Once cells are captured, they may be stained or immunolabeled on-slide and visualized directly using microscopy. Alternatively, captured cells may be recovered in bulk and cultured or used for a variety of downstream applications.

Grant Eligibility and Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 21 years old (legal adult)
  • Be employed in a research position with an academic, government, biotech, pharmaceutical institution or clinical research lab in either North America (continental US and Canada) or the following European countries: UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark
  • Discuss with your employer/institution regarding the grant and grant terms (see Release Agreement Statement at the end of this application) and secure approval from your employer/institution to submit an application. Note: your employer/institution will be required to sign a contract containing Bio-Rad's Grant Program terms and obligations should your application be awarded a grant
  • Be able to communicate (read, write, and speak) fluently in English
  • Be willing to share results of their grant-supported research with Bio-Rad and to participate in at least one of the following Bio-Rad communication activities following completion of their grant research:
    • Webinar communicating award research with Genesis System/Celselect Slides
    • Oral or poster presentation of award research at a Bio-Rad approved scientific conference
    • Application note communicating award research with Genesis System/Celselect Slides
    • Bio-Rad customer research story/blog incorporating award research
    • Testimonial statement of the utility of the Genesis System and Celselect Slides for their research
    Note: Execution of a separate Release Agreement will be required for marketing purposes for each of the above communication activities.
  • Be able to complete all proposed research within one (1) year of agreed start date; research must be started no later than September 1, 2023
  • Submit a valid working phone number and email address to receive grant notifications
    Note: if applicant's phone number or email address changes after their application has been submitted, it is the applicant's responsibility to contact Bio-Rad by sending an email to Celselect_Research_Grant@bio-rad.com with their updated contact information. Bio-Rad will not award grants to individuals whose contact information is incorrect or has been falsified.
  • Understand the following, if you are a:
    • U.S. licensed health care professional or employed by a US health care provider, then: (1) your National Provider Identifier (NPI) or health care provider name and tax identification number (TIN), as applicable, and (2) information relating to the services performed hereunder, including without limitation any payments, reimbursement for expenses, and transfers of value made in other than dollar form, along with identifying information relating to you and your employer, may be disclosed by Bio-Rad, including with limitation on Bio-Rad's websites and to applicable regulators (hereafter "Data").
    • French health care professional or employed by a French Health Care Organization, your Data will be shared with French regulators, as required by law. Employee of government entities, understand that you represent and warrant that you are permitted by your employers to perform the services hereunder and that any transfers of value hereunder is for your employers' benefit only.
    • Healthcare Provider in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and Portugal, your transfers of value may be reported to the appropriate government entity in accordance with country-specific transparency laws

Grant Selection Criteria

  • Feasibility of proposed research
  • Merit of proposed research to a broad scientific community
  • Probability for widespread adoption of proposed research workflow by other labs

Note: Reviewed proposals with reviewers' comments will not be returned to applicants and are for Bio-Rad internal use only.

Grant Application Submission Timelines & Deadlines

  • Application submissions begin: Monday, March 13, 2023
  • Application submissions end/deadline: Friday, May 12, 2023
  • Award decisions announced no later than: Friday, September 1, 2023
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