ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit

Knowledge of the components and functions of the immune system has led to many advances, including the development of treatments for autoimmune disease, allergic reactions, and many endogenous and pathogen-derived diseases. Antibodies are now used as therapies for various cancers as well as in diagnostic testing — for microorganisms, drugs, proteins, hormones, and disorders such as cancer and heart disease. The ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit and Giant Panda Problem Kit provide introductions to immunology principles and the power of antibodies with hands-on immunoassay exercises and engaging, real-world scenarios.

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ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit
Use the ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit to teach your students how antibodies and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) are used to detect microbial and viral infections (such as those that cause COVID-19, HIV, or the flu), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or molecular markers that enable diagnosis of cancer, pregnancy, or drug use.

Giant Panda Problem Kit
The Giant Panda Problem Kit is the ultimate way to help your students understand physiological systems by combining immunology, reproductive endocrinology, epidemiology, and the unique properties of antibodies that have revolutionized medicine.

Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module
Show students how to use protein electrophoresis, the most widely used technique in life science research, to study protein structure and function and explore evolutionary relationships.

Comparative Proteomics Kit II: Western Blot Module
Teach students to use antibodies to identify one protein among hundreds of other proteins and distinguish closely and distantly related species of fish by western blotting.

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