Droplet Digital PCR in Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)

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  • Tumor Response to Therapy Research:

    Neo-adjuvant therapy is often employed to shrink tumors prior to curative treatment efforts. Molecular responses to cancer therapy as measured by ctDNA indicates effect earlier than standard methods, widening the treatment window, allowing a physician to switch to a more effective drug in the case of poor or no response to initial therapy. ddPCR technology is an ultra-sensitive method that can detect molecular responses earlier and more precisely than other commonly adopted molecular technologies.

  • MRD Research:

    Analyzing MRD levels is vital to both indicating achievement of a deep molecular response (remission) in response to oncological therapy as well as potential reoccurrence of cancer (relapse). MRD testing has become widely adopted for monitoring hematological malignancies and is now being implemented for solid tumor diseases. Because disease markers are often in very low abundance in the blood, especially for solid tumors, ddPCR technology is ideal to implement for MRD monitoring given its unmatched sensitivity, precision, and absolute quantitation capabilities.

Droplet Digital PCR Technology in the Field

ctDNA Analysis Powered by ddPCR™ Technology

Learn how ddPCR plays a critical role in lung cancer sample analysis at Biodesix

Gary Pestano, Ph.D
Chief Development Officer



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