Precision Plus Protein™ Standard Plugs, unstained, Strep-tagged, recombinant #1610378

Precision Plus Protein™ Standard Plugs

Pkg of 24, 1 mm thick agarose plugs containing ten Strep-tagged, recombinant proteins (10–250 kD), including three reference bands

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MW size range, kD 10–250
Stain type Unstained
Volume, µl N/A
Total number of applications 24
Shelf life at 4°C, months 3
Loading volume on mini gels, µl N/A
Application Type  
Monitoring electrophoretic separation for SDS-PAGE gels N/A
Molecular weight sizing on SDS-PAGE gels Yes
Monitoring blot transfer efficiency N/A
Fluorescence blots N/A
Molecular weight sizing on Stain-free gels, 2-D gels
Loading Volume on Mini Gels  
For Coomassie staining, µl N/A
For stain-free gels, µl N/A
For silver staining, µl N/A
For SYPRO Ruby staining, µl N/A
For blot development, µl N/A
StrepTactin conjugate working dilutions for colorimetric blot development N/A
StrepTactin conjugate working dilutions for chemiluminescence blot development N/A
Number Description Options
161-0378-MSDS Precision Plus Protein™ Standards Plug English

Use Precision Plus Protein Standard Plugs for second-dimension gels in proteomics studies and for high-throughput electrophoresis. The unique Strep-tag affinity peptide allows detection and molecular weight determination on western blots.

  • Package of 24, 1 mm thick agarose plugs
  • Mixture of ten Strep-tagged, recombinant proteins (10–250 kD)
  • Includes three reference bands (25, 50, and 75 kD)

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