2-D SDS-PAGE Standards #1610320


500 μl, 17,500–76,000 MW range, pI 4.5–8.5, unstained mixture of myoglobin, trypsin inhibitor, CA, GAPDH, actin, BSA, and conalbumin

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161-0320-MSDS 2-D SDS-PAGE Standards English

The 2-D SDS-PAGE standards are a mixture of seven proteins (17.5–76 kD, with pI 4.5–8.5). The seven reduced, denatured proteins can be visualized with silver or Coomassie Blue stains. No dilution is required.

Applications and Uses

Choose 2-D SDS-PAGE standards for:

  • PI determination and molecular weight determination of sample proteins
  • 2-D gel matching
  • An internal control to assess reproducibility

More information

Size Range Quantity Recommended Load Volume
7 spots, 17.5–76.0 kD,
with pI 4.5–8.5
~0.30 mg protein in 500 µl of 9 M urea, 5% 2-mercaptoethanol, 2% Bio-Lyte® 5/7 ampholyte Mini gels: 2.5 µl (Coomassie R-250 stain); 0.5–2.5 µl (silver stain)