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Systemic Autoimmune Testing

Vasculitis Testing

Immunofluorescence assay and enzyme immunoassay kits for detection of autoantibodies associated with granulomatosis with polyangitis, eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangitis, Polyarteritis, and other vasculitis autoimmune diseases

Anti-Phospholipid Testing

EIA kits for antibodies to negatively charged phospholipids indicative of some autoimmune diseases

Gastrointestinal Testing

IFA and EIA kits for serological testing of gastrointestinal diseases such as celiac and Crohn's disease

Other Organ-Specific Autoimmune Testing

IFA tissue sections and EIA kits for detection of autoantibodies in other organs such as the thyroid gland

Autoimmune Education

Ongoing customer education, support, references, and web-based training software


Automated autoimmune EIA and IFA instrumentation includes the PhD lx system, the EVOLIS™ Microplate Processor, the PW 41 Microplate Washer, the PR4100 Microplate Reader, and the BioPlex® 2200 multiplex platform

BioPlex® 2200 Multiplex Testing

BioPlex® 2200 Multiplexing Platform

Fully automated, random access, multiplex testing platform for various immunoassays

BioPlex® 2200 Autoimmune Panels

Multiplex assays for specific antinuclear antibodies and vasculitis-associated IgG autoantibodies

BioPlex® 2200 Infectious Disease Panels

Multiplex infectious disease assays for detection of Epstein-Barr virus and syphilis antibodies

BioPlex® 2200 System Specialty Panels

Blood Virus


Automated western blotting and microplate assay instrumentation for blood virus screening and diagnostics


To screen blood for viruses and other blood-borne pathogens, Bio-Rad provides microplate and other immunoassay reagents for retrovirus, hepatitis viruses and other infectious disease testing

Diabetes Testing

D-100™ System

D-10™ Hemoglobin Testing System

Automated hemoglobin A1c and β-thalassemia testing on a single compact platform

VARIANT™ II Hemoglobin Testing System

Fully automated high volume hemoglobin A1c and β-thalassemia testing

VARIANT™ II TURBO Hemoglobin Testing System

Fast, fully automated high-volume hemoglobin A1c testing

VARIANT™ II TURBO Link Hemoglobin Testing System

Other A1C Products

Capillary collection system for the collection, preparation, and transport of capillary whole blood samples


VARIANT™ II β-Thalassemia Short Program Reorder Pack

Automated β-thalassemia testing and detection of commonly occurring hemoglobin variants

VARIANT™ II Instrumentation

Library of Variants CD

CD reference library for thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies featuring a searchable library of Bio-Rad’s HPLC platforms for hemoglobinopathies with case reports to facilitate the chromatogram review process


Gel Column Agglutination Test System

Traditional Blood Bank Reagents

A comprehensive line of blood group serology reagents for ABO/Rh, antibody screening/identification and antigen typing

Microplate Blood Bank Automation

TANGO Automated Blood Bank Systems to streamline blood group serology testing

Transplant Diagnostics

Bio-Rad has consistently been a leader in the field of transplant diagnostics with products ranging from traditional serologic tissue typing and antibody screening trays, molecular-based products, and transplant monitoring


Direct Antigen Detection

Test kits for opportunistic and sexually transmitted diseases enable direct antigen detection

Culture Media for Bacteriology

Culture media are designed for optimal recovery and growth of microorganisms from clinical specimens


Biochemical, immunological, and other tests for the identification of microorganisms


Bio-Rad's complete line of mycology products includes culture media, CandiSelect™ 4, Platelia™ Aspergillus Ag, Platelia™ Aspergillus IgG and Pneumocystis jirovecii


Serological tests to identify primary ToRCH and pediatric panel analytes and other infectious diseases

Newborn Screening


Newborn dried blood specimen testing for abnormal hemoglobin disorders such as sickle cell disease


Bio-Rad offers a complete menu for neonatal Total Galactose (TGAL) assay, including elution buffers, assay plates, and filter plates

Galactosemia Accessories

Bio-Rad offers a complete menu for neonatal Total Galactose (TGAL) assay, including elution buffers, assay plates, and filter plates

Quantase Neowash 1575 Dried Blood Spot Washer

Automatic aspiration of dried blood spots from microplate wells while simultaneously washing microplate wells

Quality Control

Quality Control Data Management

Internet and Desktop software options to improve laboratory analytical performance

Quality Control Products

Controls to facilitate cardiac assessment, diabetes and drug monitoring, and infectious disease testing

External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS®)

Programs that include specimen packs and documentation for comparison of results to other laboratories

Quality Control Education

QC guidance and e-learning programs through QCNet and other tools

Special Chemistry


A comprehensive product line for detection of long-term alcohol abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring and point-of-care drug testing

Special Chemistry by HPLC

Ready-to-use kits for the analysis of biogenic amines, homocysteine, vitamins, or bone markers

Open Column Tests

Open column tests for determination of metanephrines, catecholamines, porphyrins, VMA, and ALA/PBG

Automated HPLC Systems

Components and data management for automated HPLC systems in the clinical laboratory


Automated Multiplex Testing

Fully automated, random access, multiplex testing for clinical diagnostic assays

Diabetes/β-Thalassemia Testing

Instrument platforms providing hemoglobin A1c and β-thalassemia testing

Microplate Automation

Automated microplate processing systems for low, medium, and high volume laboratories

IFA Slide Processing

Low to high volume IFA slide assays using the modular PhD™ System

Western Blot Processing

Automated strip assay processing to eliminate technique-dependent variability

Newborn Screening

Assays, instrumentation, and software to screen newborns for genetic disorders

Readers and Washers

Microplate washers and readers to simplify 96-well microplate assays


Remote Monitoring & Support


With BRiCare, Bio-Rad can remotely and rapidly troubleshoot and solve problems and can proactively identify developing problems before they occur. This allows for a much faster response time and first time fix. We take care of your instruments so you can focus on patient care.

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