low, medium, and high volume clinical diagnostics


Instrumentation to serve a full range of low, medium, and high volume clinical diagnostics needs

Category Products

  • Microplate Automation

    Automated microplate processing options are the open-architecture EVOLIS Processor (mid to high volumes), and the modular PhD System (low to mid volumes)

  • Western Blot Processing

    For automated Western blot processing, Bio-Rad's AutoBlot 3000 eliminates technique-dependent variability in strip assay processing

  • Readers and Washers

    For 96-well microplate assays, Bio-Rad offers PW 41 Microplate Washer with built-in vacuum and dispensing pumps

  • Incubators

    The KVM Incubator has forced-air operation, rapid open-door temperature recovery, and an 8-plate capacity chamber with a temperature range from ambient to 45°C