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Testing Solutions to Suit Your Laboratory


As clinical diagnostic facilities begin to expand around the world, lab directors and clinicians are seeking ways to maximize productivity and minimize expenses. Bio-Rad helps optimize workflows and turnaround time through our state-of-the-art systems designed with today's evolving diagnostics laboratories in mind.

Infectious Disease Testing

Clinical Immunology

Immunohematology Testing

  • IH-Complete


    A comprehensive product line available from a single supplier. Our instruments (run with gel, microplate and hemagglutination testing reagents) are supported by advanced software and world-class quality assurance solutions.

  • Immunohematology Systems and Methods

    Systems and Methods

    Bio-Rad's fully and semi-automated systems are effortless and efficient blood testing systems using ID-Card technology to help provide safe and accurate results.

  • Immunohematology Reagents


    Blood group serology reagents for ABO/Rh, antibody screening and identification and antigen typing. It includes our Erytype S and SolidScreen II microplate reagent systems used for a variety of blood group tests.

  • Connectivity


    Lab software to remotely manage patient data, requests, results, quality control, and Bio-Rad devices. Simplify labour intensive and complex processes of antibody identification, and enhance efficiency with an integrated identification specialist.

  • Educational Resources


    Learn from our community of transfusion and blood banking experts through our well-received Transfusion Science Webinars. Or you can connect to our product support, training, and scientific education.

Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathies Testing

  • Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathies


    Our Gold Standard HPLC technology allows you to confidently report HbA1c results to clinicians. Our Bio-Rad HbA1c testing systems are NGSP certified and traceable to IFCC.

  • Systems


    Our family of HbA1c testing solutions provides a full patient picture so you can aid healthcare providers with making the appropriate diagnosis and initiating the proper treatment protocol.

  • Library of Variants

    Library of Variants (LoV)

    Case reports of hemoglobin variants provided by a select group of reference centers actively working on detection of sickle cell, thalassemia and other hemoglobinopathies.

  • Educational Resources

    Educational Resources

    Collection of key opinion leaders' comments, outcomes and experiences excerpted from posters, published papers and performance evaluations.

Quality Control Solutions

  • QC Solutions


    Bio-Rad's independent controls and data management solutions monitor and offer independent assessment of hundreds of the most widely-used diagnostic instruments today.

  • QCNet


    The industry-leading portal to QC information, providing laboratory personnel with an easy and rapid way to access their quality control data and other QC-related information via the internet.

  • EQAS


    A web-based reporting option to periodically assess a laboratory’s analytical performance and achieve added confidence in reporting patient test results.