Econo-Pac® Chromatography Columns, Pkg of 50 #7321010EDU



Pkg of 50, 1.5 x 12 cm, empty polypropylene columns, 14 cm high, 20 ml bed volume, empty, includes upper bed supports, end caps, tip closures; education use only



Choose Econo-Pac Columns for gravity flow or low-pressure chromatography. These disposable empty 20 ml polypropylene columns are designed for small-scale chromatography applications.

  • 0–20 ml bed volume and 10 ml reservoir
  • Porous 30 μm polyethylene bed support retains fine particles
  • Luer end fitting with snap-off tip; may be fitted with a flow adaptor
  • Autoclavable and NaOH compatible
  • Add an upper bed support to prevent the bed from running dry

See the Chromatography Columns and Accessories page for more columns, valves, documentation, and more information.

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