C1000 Touch™ Thermal Cycler with 384-Well Reaction Module #1851138



Modular thermal cycler platform, includes C1000 Touch thermal cycler chassis, 384-well reaction module, USB flash drive



Use our C1000 Touch thermal cycler with 384-well reaction module to run PCR reactions in a 384-well plate format.

  • Adjustable heated lid — for use with various vessel and sealer types
  • Large touch screen — for easy protocol programming and editing
  • Programmable thermal gradient — for quickly identifying optimal annealing temperatures

This thermal cycler with 384-well reaction module includes the following components:

Associated Products

The C1000 Touch thermal cycler with 384-well reaction module can be used with the following interchangeable modules, which swap in seconds without tools:

For PCR:

For real-time PCR:

Configuration Options

The C1000 Touch thermal cycler with 384-well fast reaction module is one of many configurations available. View all the flexible options we offer.

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Recommended Accessories 

Use the touch screen protector to shield the surface of the display from dust, reagents, and scratches

More Information

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