PX1 PCR Plate Sealer #1814000



PCR plate sealer, includes heat sealing instrument, plate support block that holds 96-well and 384-well plates, sealing frame, power cord



Use the PX1 PCR Plate Sealer for consistent, uniform sealing across the entire plate, minimizing evaporation during cycling. The small-footprint heat sealer is compatible with a wide range of PCR plates and different types of films and foils.

Features and Benefits

  • Ready to seal in less than 3 min
  • Support block holds both 96-and 384 well plates
  • Motorized drawer for insertion of plate and seal
  • Touch-screen interface allowing single button modification of temperature and time
  • Easy access to previously stored sealing protocols

The intuitive touch-screen interface of the PX1 PCR Plate Sealer shows instrument status, platen temperature, protocol name, set temperature, and time. Sealing protocols can be stored and easily edited. The sealer can be programmed to automatically shut down after a user-defined period of idle time. Touching the display after shutdown will reactivate the display and the sealer will begin heating to the last set temperature.

The semi-automated PX1 PCR Plate Sealer provides fast, consistent sealing, removing human variability and increasing reproducibility. Uniform sealing over the whole plate is particularly important for low-volume samples where small amounts of evaporation can have significant effect. In qPCR experiments, differential evaporation from wells can lead to large standard deviations in the number of quantification cycles (Cq).

Product Components

  • Heat sealing instrument
  • Plate support block for both 96- and 384-well plates
  • Sealing frame

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