TransFectin™ Lipid Reagent, 1 ml #1703351EDU



1 ml, 1.5 mg/ml lipid transfection reagent, for applications including plasmid DNA, siRNA, and shRNA delivery; education use only
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Teach your students about transfection with a high rate of success. When paired with GFP lessons and ZOE class activities, you can simultaneously explain the principles of fluorescent imaging.

Use the general purpose TransFectin Lipid Reagent for high-efficiency transfection of your cell lines or primary cells, including difficult-to-transfect cells.

The proprietary mixture of cationic compound and the co-lipid DOPE (1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine) is designed to provide high expression levels with reduced cytotoxicity.

  • Sufficient for 60 to 100 cell transfections in 35 mm plates
  • Simple 3-step protocol gives high-efficiency transfection in a broad range of cells with high levels of cell viability
  • Transfection at culture densities from 40% to 90%
  • Designed to work in media containing serum but can be used in the absence of serum
  • No post transfection media changes required
  • Polystyrene is recommended because cationic lipid-plasmid complexes may bind to polypropylene

The Transfection Protocol Online Library features a comprehensive list of cell lines and primary cultures and contains protocols from a range of sources for transfection using lipids, electroporation, and biolistic particle delivery.

Packaging Options

Volume Number of Vials Catalog Number
0.5 ml 1 x 0.5 ml 1703350EDU
1 ml 1 x 1 ml 1703351EDU
5 ml 5 x 1 ml 1703352EDU

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