Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit #1660007EDU



DNA evidence classroom study kit, includes DNA samples and standards, restriction enzymes, buffers, Fast Blast DNA stain, test tubes/holders, curriculum, and more, for 32 students; education use only
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



DNA gels

Run your DNA gels in 10 minutes!

Find Out How

DNA evidence assists in criminal, missing persons, mass disaster, and paternity cases. It can be used to identify a perpetrator or exonerate the innocent. The Forensic DNA Fingerprinting kit allows your students to use real DNA as evidence, as they play the role of crime scene investigator to figure out for themselves "Who done it?"

Features and Benefits

  • Aligns with AP Biology Big Idea 3, Lab 9
  • Two–session laboratory activity, 45 min per session
  • Provides sufficient materials for eight student workstations, up to four students per workstation

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