PROTEAN® Plus Dodeca Cell (100/120 V) and Two 6-Row AnyGel™ Stands #1655134



Vertical large format electrophoresis cell, 100/120 V, (#165-4150) and two 6-row AnyGel stands (#165-5131) to hold 6 PROTEAN gels, includes buffer tank with ceramic cooling core and accessories



The PROTEAN Plus Dodeca cell accommodates up to 12 large slab gels for high-throughput 2-D electrophoresis applications.

  • Designed to run IPG and tube gel samples
  • Plate electrodes create a uniform electrical field for straight horizontal runs
  • Ceramic cooling core and refrigerated circulator for efficient cooling*
  • AnyGel™ Stand (165-5131) holds 6 PROTEAN gels; stabilizes and positions gels while loading

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* Buffer recirculation pump required for cooling function