PROTEAN® Plus Dodeca Cell (100/120 V) and PowerPac™ Universal Power Supply #1654142



100/120 V, vertical large format electrophoresis cell and power supply (#164-5070), 12 gel capacity, includes buffer tank with cooling core, buffer recirculation pump with tubing, gel releasers



The PROTEAN Plus Dodeca cell accommodates up to 12 large slab gels for high-throughput 2-D electrophoresis applications.

  • Designed to run IPG and tube gel samples
  • Plate electrodes create a uniform electrical field for straight horizontal runs
  • Ceramic cooling core and refrigerated circulator for efficient cooling
  • Includes buffer recirculation pump (165-4158)

The PowerPac Universal power supply (164-5070) supply fits the broadest range of applications, from mini vertical and high-throughput electrophoresis to blotting.

  • Intuitive programming permits multistep methods and timed runs
  • Built-in wireless IR data transfer capability

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