TC20 Automated Cell Counter with Thermal Label Printer #1450103



120–240 V, includes instrument, power supply, USB cable, USB flash drive, thermal label printer, 1 roll of 185 labels, 30 dual-chamber counting slides (60 counts), 1.5 ml trypan blue

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



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Use the TC20 automated cell counter for accurate, reproducible total counts of mammalian cells and live/dead ratios in one simple step — get results in only 30 sec. Eliminate the tedious task of counting cells with a microscope and hemocytometer and reduce cell count variability.

Includes the following:

  • TC20 automated cell counter
  • USB cable and USB flash drive
  • 30 dual-chamber counting slides (60 counts)
  • 1.5 ml trypan blue dye
  • Thermal label printer
  • 1 roll of 185 thermal labels

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See TC20 cell counter accessories for counting slides and trypan blue dye for viability assays.