VivaFix™ 353/442 Cell Viability Assay #1351111EDU



Pkg of 1, kit includes 4 x 50 assay vials and 250 µl of DMSO, for running 200 assays; education use only
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the VivaFix 353/442 Cell Viability Assay to assess cell viability in your multicolor flow cytometry experiments.

Key Benefits of the VivaFix 353/442 Cell Viability Assay

  • Compatible with fixed and unfixed cells
  • Provides unbiased discrimination between live and dead cell populations — at least 100-fold difference in fluorescence intensity
  • Offered in a wide range of excitation and emission spectra to fit any multicolor experiment

Features of the VivaFix 353/442 Cell Viability Assay

  • Fluorophore Properties
    • Excitation maximum: 353 nm
    • Emission maximum: 442 nm
    • Optimal excitation laser: 355 nm
  • Fluorescence Spectrum

Fluorescent Spectrum 135-1111

  • Specifications:
    • Store at –20°C
    • Protect from light

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