QX600 Droplet Reader #12013328



The QX600™ Droplet Reader enables advanced six-color multiplexing, allowing clear discrimination of multiple targets with assays that are cross-compatible with the QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) System. The QX600 Droplet Reader is designed for investigators who need to quantify multiple targets with high accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity. 



The QX600 Droplet Reader offers advanced six-color multiplexing and absolute quantification of nucleic acid, while delivering the best-in-class performance you have come to expect from Bio-Rad’s ddPCR systems.

Benefits of the QX600 Droplet Reader

The QX600 Droplet Reader offers users:

  • Sensitive multiplexing
    • Six-color detection capability (FAM, HEX, Cy5, Cy5.5, ROX, and ATTO 590)
    • Quantification of up to 12 targets in a single well
    • Absolute quantification with 0.1% or better sensitivity
    • Sensitive and precise gene expression multiplexing
  • Accurate and reproducible results
    • Confidence in your results bolstered by a system qualified by standards from National Measurement Institute (NMI), Australia
    • Sets the standard for reproducibility as demonstrated in numerous studies
  • Powerful software
    • User-friendly analysis
  • Portfolio compatibility
    • Cross-compatibility with QX200 reagents, assays, and consumables
    • Extensive menu of pre-existing ddPCR assays
    • System capable of running both TaqMan® and EvaGreen chemistries

Applications of the QX600 Droplet Reader

The QX600 Droplet Reader enhances a wide variety of applications, including: oncology research, gene expression, next generation sequencing (NGS) orthogonal testing, cell and gene therapy, food and wastewater testing.

  • Oncology research — The QX600 System collects more information per well, preserving precious circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and tumor samples.
    • Structural variant analysis
    • Rare variant detection
    • Copy number variation
    • Methylation detection
    • Loss of heterozygosity
  • Gene Expression — Employ the extreme precision of the QX600 System to quantify small-fold changes in low abundance RNA molecules.
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) orthogonal testing — With the QX600 System perform accurate quantification and qualification of NGS libraries without the use of a standard curves.
  • Cell and gene therapy — Accelerate therapeutics discovery with highly-advanced multiplexing afforded by the QX600 System.
    • Residual DNA detection in biologics
    • Genome edit confirmation
  • Food testing — Use the QX600 System to perform routine evaluation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and pathogen contamination detection.
  • Wastewater testing — Leverage the QX600 System to perform population-wide monitoring of established and emerging pathogens.

Additional Instruments

The QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System requires the use of the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler with 96–Deep Well Reaction Module and the PX1 PCR Plate Sealer.

Required Accessories

ddPCR Reagents for Hydrolysis Probe-Based Applications

ddPCR Reagents for EvaGreen Applications

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