FCS Express with high content add-on 1-year internet license for academics #12013092



A comprehensive analysis software developed by De Novo Software that combines data analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting functionalities for flow and image cytometry



FCS Express Analysis Software is a fully integrated analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting tool. Use the FCS Express Software to analyze high parameter and plate-based screening data generated off the ZE5 Cell Analyzer, and produce presentation-ready results and publication-quality graphics for a seamless acquisition-to-report experience.

To provide a more complete flow cytometry workflow, Bio-Rad Laboratories is partnering with De Novo Software to make FCS Express available for ZE5 Cell Analyzer users. All new ZE5 Cell Analyzer purchases will be shipped with a no-charge, 1-year FCS Express license for non-commercial usage. Users also have the option to purchase stand-alone copies using the ordering information provided below.

Features and Benefits

  • FCS Express Software utilizes integrated spreadsheets so your graphs and statistics update as your gates change
  • FCS Express Software is optimized to support and display ZE5 data properly
  • The analysis can be exported to PDF, PowerPoint, and six image formats in publication quality resolution

Product Contents

  • FCS Express 1-year internet license

Configuration Options

Product Catalog Number
FCS Express Software, 1-year internet license for academics 12013092
FCS Express Software, 1-year internet license for non-academics 12013095

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