CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR System #12011452


384-well, 4-color plus FRET, network-connected real-time PCR detection system, includes CFX Opus 384 base unit, cables

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CFX Opus is the newest real-time PCR system in our robust CFX Family. The CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR System can analyze 384 wells and offers a number of new features:

  • More uniform thermal performance
  • Expanded connectivity — Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB
  • Cloud connectivity: Operate CFX Opus on our cloud platform or with desktop CFX Maestro Software
  • Network storage drive access for excellent data management
  • Shuttle optical system yields consistent optical measurements across your sample plate

CFX Opus System Documents

  • Bulletin_7279

    CFX Opus System Brochure

    An orientation to our new CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384 System features including details on our extended connectivity and usability as well as technical functions.

  • Bulletin_7280

    Research Flier

    Highlights features of particular interest to our customers in discovery and development research across academia and other settings.

  • Bulletin_728

    BioPharma Flier

    Highlights features and offerings of particular interest to our customers in more controlled and regulated environments including bioprocessing and quality control.

Thermal Cycler
Maximum ramp rate, °C/sec 2.5
Average ramp rate, °C/sec 2
Heating and cooling method Peltier
Lid, °C 30–110
Range, °C 4–100
Accuracy, °C ±0.2 of programmed target at 90°C
Uniformity, °C ±0.3 well-to-well after 10 sec of arrival at target
Operational range, °C 30–100
Programmable span, °C 1–24
Optical Detection
Excitation 5 filtered LEDs
Detection 5 filtered photodiodes
Range of excitation wavelengths, nm 450–650
Range of emission wavelengths, nm 515–690
Sensitivity Detects 1 copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude
Scan Time
All channels, sec <20
FAM/SYBR® Green only, sec 8
Sample capacity, wells 384
Sample size, µl 1–30 (5–30 recommended)
Communication interface USB 2.0
Electrical approvals IEC, CE
Dimensions (W x D x H), cm/in 33x56x36 / 13x22x14
Weight, kg/lb 22/48
Number Description Options
7444 A Model qPCR Instrument Comparability Study: CFX96 Touch and CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR Systems Click to download
10000126764 CFX Maestro Software User Guide Click to download
10000119983 CFX Opus Instrument Guide Click to download
10000124722 CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Systems Quick Start Guide Click to download
7300 CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR system Product Information Sheet Click to download
6090 Amplification Reagents and Plastics Brochure Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]

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