ZE5 External DI Water Carboy and Fluidics Cart Upgrade Kit #12009707



External fluidics connections reduce day-to-day fluidics maintenance and enable uninterrupted overnight runs in high-throughput and automation environments



Use the External DI Water Carboy Upgrade Kit to increase the length of time the ZE5 System can run unattended. The upgrade kit for external DI water includes a 20 L carboy and a fluidics cart, enabling approximately 22 hours of uninterrupted run time. Liquids are hot swappable, and fluidics level warnings from Everest Software inform users that fluidics need attention starting at 2 hours of remaining run time.

To collect waste while running the external DI water fluidics cart, you can use either the instrument’s internal waste system, or you can have the instrument connected to the larger ZE5 External Waste Carboy Upgrade Kit (12009734).

Product Contents

  • ZE5 External DI Water Fluidics Cart with power supply
  • ZE5 DI Water Carboy, 20 L
  • ZE5 DI Water Carboy Cap, vented with integrated replaceable filter and leak-free Quick Disconnect

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Supporting Documents

  • ZE5 External DI Water Carboy Upgrade Kit User Guide



Height (cart with carboy in place)
46.8 cm
26.6 cm
41.9 cm