QXDx Universal Kit for AutoDG ddPCR System



Targeted for optimized use with the automated QXDx System, this kit enables users to complete every step of the automated Droplet Digital PCR in vitro diagnostics workflow with high efficiency.

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The QXDx Universal Kit for AutoDG ddPCR System is IVD* marked for use in mutation detection, copy number analysis, and absolute quantification of DNA and RNA. The kit is designed for use with the QXDx Automated Droplet Generator and contains all the reagents and consumables needed to perform a run on QXDx AutoDG ddPCR Systems, Bio-Rad's FDA-listed/CE-marked Droplet Digital PCR Systems for use in a regulatory environment, in Open Mode.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains all components required except your specific templates, primers, and probes
  • Validated GMP reagents
  • Designed and packaged to allow Open Mode use of ddPCR Systems
  • Flexibility to use with customized assay design, validation, and implementation for Lab Developed Tests
  • Streamlined workflow with simple ordering and ease of use

Applications and Uses

  • Mutation detection
  • Copy number analysis
  • Absolute quantification
  • General use

Kit Components

  • QXDx AutoDG Consumable Pack (12001922)
    • ddPCR 96-Well Plates, 3 packs of 5 (12003185)
    • ddPCR Pierceable Foil Heat Seals, pkg of 50 (12003015)
    • Droplet Generation Oil for Probes (12003017)
    • DG32 Cartridges, pkg of 15 (12003016)
    • AutoDG Pipette Tips, pkg of 10 (12003010)
    • Instruction Manual (16001685)
  • QXDx Droplet Reader Oil Pack, 1 x 1 L (12002526)

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The QXDx AutoDG ddPCR System is used and validated with the following thermal cycler specifications:

  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Uniformity: ±0.4°C well-to-well within 10 sec
  • Adjustable ramp capability with required ramp rate: up to 2°C/sec
  • Temperature range: 0–100°C

The C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler with 96–Deep Well Reaction Module (1851197) was used during the development and validation efforts of all QXDx products.

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QXDx™ AutoDG™ Supermix Pack: –25°C to –15°C until expiration date printed on label
QXDx AutoDG Supermix Pack (after thawing): 4°C for up to 2 weeks
QXDx AutoDG Consumable Pack: 15–30°C (room temperature)
QXDx™ Droplet Reader Oil Pack: 15–30°C (room temperature)




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Pkg of 1, for use with QXDx Automated Droplet Generator, 480 reactions



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