Pipet Tips for Gel Loading

Pipet Tips for Gel Loading

Seque/Pro capillary and Prot/Elec pipet tips are designed for loading thin gels and IEF tube gels.

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Seque/Pro™ Capillary Pipet Tips

Seque/Pro capillary pipet tips have an average outer diameter of <0.3 mm, making them ideal for loading sequencing gels or IEF tube gels. Seque/Pro tips give maximum performance when used with Eppendorf ultra micro pipets (0.5–10 µl), but can also be used with Rainin Pipetman 10 and 20 µl pipets.

Prot/Elec™ Pipet Tips

Prot/Elec tips fit easily between vertical slab gel plates separated by 0.75 mm while maintaining a large bore for fast flow of sample. The 200 µl capacity tips are molded to fit Rainin Pipetman 20, 100, and 200 μl pipets and Eppendorf 20 and 100 µl pipets. Prot/Elec tips are also available with an aerosol barrier to guard against airborne contamination and cross-contamination of samples (see Xcluda™ style G pipet tips).



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Pkg of 200, 0.5–10 µl capillary pipet tip for gel loading, sterilized in enclosed rack


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