ChemiDoc Imaging System for Classrooms



The ChemiDoc Imaging System for classrooms provides fast, reliable, and sensitive imaging and documentation of gels and chemiluminescence western blots.

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The ChemiDoc Imaging System provides fast, reliable, and sensitive imaging and documentation of gels and chemiluminescence western blots. This system is compatible with stain-free technology, chemiluminescence detection, and a wide range of gel stains such as ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie, and silver stains.

The ChemiDoc Imaging System can be upgraded to gain the full fluorescent western blotting capabilities of the ChemiDoc MP System. The upgrade package has an increased spectrum (RGB, far red, and near infrared), allowing multiplex fluorescence western blotting capability with minimal cross-talk between channels. Multiplex fluorescence allows detection of multiple antigens on the same blot, eliminating the need for stripping and reprobing.

The ChemiDoc V3 Western Workflow provides efficient, consistent electrophoresis and blotting with the ability to rapidly assess electrophoresis and blot transfer quality, and perform total protein normalization.

ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

Complete Capabilities: Superior Images

Total Protein Normalization

Learn how to properly design a quantitative western blotting experiment and faithfully compare protein expression levels, without concern for changing or overexpressed HKP’s.
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Replaces Film

Save money on consumables and reduce environmental waste without compromising on performance. Get the sensitivity of film and the convenience of digital documentation.
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Multiplex Fluorescence
3 Colors

Save sample, avoid the errors commonly associated with stripping, reprobing, and cutting blots and answer more complex biological questions by optimizing your experiments to fluorescence.
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Features and Benefits

  • All-in-one flexible imaging — get precise, reproducible chemiluminescent and colorimetric blot detection, analysis, and gel documentation in a single system
  • Sample Trays and Smart Tray Technology — three sample trays cover diverse imaging applications. Smart Tray Technology automatically recognizes the application-specific trays and adjusts imaging parameters and software options accordingly
  • Stain-free protein normalization — stain-free imaging permits the normalization of bands to total protein in both in gels and blots; eliminate the need for housekeeping proteins
  • Ease of use — features include automatic selection of optimal light source by application, auto focus, auto exposure, and preview features ensure optimal images. Learn in minutes with on screen help

Included Components

  • Internal computer with Image Lab Touch Software
  • 12” touch screen display
  • Image Lab Software to install on your computer
  • Blot/UV/Stain-Free Sample Tray for Bio-Rad stain-free gels and blots, fluorescence multiplexing, chemiluminescence detection, ethidium bromide and SYPRO Ruby

Optional Components (see Accessories tab)

  • White Sample Tray for Coomassie Blue, copper, silver, and zinc stains (12003026EDU)
  • Blue Sample Tray for nucleic acid applications with GelGreen or any SYBR Stain (12003027EDU)
  • Holder for ChemiDoc Sample Trays and UV Shield (1708377EDU)
  • Gel Alignment Templates for ChemiDoc MP and ChemiDoc Imaging Systems (12003915EDU)
  • UV Safety Shield for ChemiDoc MP and ChemiDoc Imaging Systems (12003914EDU)



Automation Capabilities
Smart Tray Technology™
Automatic recognition of application-specific tray and adjustment of imaging parameters and software options
Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
Two user-defined modes (rapid or optimal auto-exposure) for all blot and gel imaging applications
Image flat fielding
Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized for each application
Touch-screen functionality
Multitouch capability (2 points) 12.1" display
Maximum image area (W x H)
21 x 16.8 cm
Cooled CCD, 6 megapixels
Dynamic range
>4 orders of magnitude
Illumination sources
Trans-UV, 302 nm excitation
Trans-white (requires White Sample Tray)
Trans-blue, 450–490 nm excitation (requires Blue Sample Tray)
Chemiluminescence filter 590/110 nm standard emission filter for protein and DNA gel and blot imaging
Data output
16-bit or 8-bit: SCN, TIFF, JPEG files
Instrument weight
35 kg (78 lb)
Instrument size (L x W x H)
61 x 51 x 53 cm
Operating voltage
100–250 V
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
10–85% relative humidity (non-condensing)




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The ChemiDoc Imaging System allows sensitive imaging and documentation of DNA/protein gels and chemiluminescent western blots; for educational use only
Converts the ChemiDoc to a ChemiDoc MP System, includes blue, green, red, far red, near infrared illumination sources and emission filters; for educational use only



Pkg of 1, sample tray for gels and blots stained with Coomassie Blue, copper, silver, or zinc stains
Pkg of 1, sample tray for nucleic acid applications with GelGreen or any SYBR® Stain
Pkg of 1, sample tray for imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, stain-free gels and blots, and gels stained with ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Oriole, or SYBR® Stains
Pkg of 1, imaging tray holder, holds 3 sample trays and 1 UV shield for ChemiDoc and GelDoc Imaging Systems; trays and shield not included; for educational use only
Gel Alignment Templates for ChemiDoc MP and ChemiDoc Imaging Systems
Pkg of 4, printer paper rolls for use with Mitsubishi thermal printer (#170-8089); education use only



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Acquiring an Image with ChemiDoc™ and ChemiDoc MP Imaging Systems Quick Guide, Ver A
Acquiring a Multichannel Image with the ChemiDoc™ and ChemiDoc MP Imaging Systems Quick Guide, Ver B