ChemiDoc to ChemiDoc MP Upgrade Kit #12003263EDU


Converts the ChemiDoc to a ChemiDoc MP System, includes blue, green, red, far red, near infrared illumination sources and emission filters; for educational use only



Use the ChemiDoc to ChemiDoc MP Upgrade Kit to upgrade your ChemiDoc Imaging System to a ChemiDoc MP Imaging System. This upgrade permits both the use of a wider range of fluorophores (RGB, far red, and NIR) and detection of multiplex fluorescent blot signals.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended imaging capabilities — gain the advantages of using a wider range of fluorescent reporters including StarBright fluorophores; see the fluorophore compatibility table
  • Increased blot multiplexing — excitation sources from blue to near IR and emission filters from green to near IR allow detection of multiple antigens simultaneously on the same blot
  • Less crosstalk — the simultaneous use of narrower wavelength excitation sources and narrower bandwidth emission filters decreases spectral overlap