Nuvia Webinar


Learn how the use of innovative ultra high–capacity cation exchange media can impact the operational efficiency of your downstream process.


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Nuvia™ S media are designed to deliver excellent dynamic binding performance (100 mg/ml to 180 mg/ml) for target bio-macromolecules and to operate at low backpressure (under 3 bar) at high flow rates (300 to 600 cm/hr). This webinar will feature Nuvia S media and will explore binding of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as a function of pH, conductivity, and flow rate. We will also present studies on the removal of product-related impurities.

Russ Frost, Ph.D.

R&D Manager, Process Chromatography Division
Bio-Rad Laboratories


Dr. Russ Frost is the R&D Manager for Bio-Rad's Process Chromatography Division, Life Science Group. He received a BS in chemistry from San Jose State University and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining Bio-Rad, Dr. Frost characterized lysosomal enzymes involved in Tay-Sachs and other glycolipid storage diseases while at University of California, San Diego. He has many years experience in protein purification and the development of chromatography media.