Modern Cell Analysis Lab Checklist — Instruments, Equipment, and Reagents


At Bio-Rad we like to support researchers in setting up new or updating cell analysis laboratories and pride ourselves on delivering value. For this reason, we have put together a checklist of instruments, reagents, and consumables that will benefit any cell analysis lab.

In addition, we have also created a handy infographic highlighting the eight steps to follow when starting a new lab.

Cell Analysis Instruments

ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Flow Cytometer

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is the only flow cytometer with the ideal combination of high parameter, high throughput, smart sample-handling, and superior speed and sensitivity. It is available in 10 different configurations to match your laboratory's needs with a maximum of 5 lasers and 30 parameters.

How will this benefit my lab?

This is the beating heart of a cell analysis laboratory. Any flow cytometer is a serious investment; picking the right one can bring huge benefits to your laboratory. Its unrivaled combination of flexibility and speed means that the ZE5 Cell Analyzer is probably the only flow cytometer you will ever need and can easily step up to increasing demands for complexity and throughput. Read how the ZE5 Cell Analyzer can benefit high throughput and screening, cell and gene therapy, and exosome research, and use our handy buyer's guide to determine which configuration is right for you.

ZE5 Cell Analyzer and external fluids accessories

The following accessories are deemed essential for this product:

External Fluidics

External fluidics connections reduce day-to-day fluidics maintenance and enable uninterrupted overnight runs in high-throughput and automation environments.

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TC20 - Cell Counting Instrument

Cell Counter

The TC20 Automated Cell Counter accurately counts cells in one simple step using innovative auto-focus technology and a sophisticated cell-counting algorithm. The TC20 Cell Counter enables accurate mammalian cell counting in less than 30 seconds.

How will this benefit my lab?

All labs that work with cells need a way of measuring their concentration in liquid. This can be done with a traditional hemocytometer; however, hemocytometer counts are labor intensive, slow, and notoriously inaccurate if not performed properly. The TC20 Cell Counter will free up researcher time and drive reproducibility across all your cell analysis projects. For more information read this article: Comparison of Count Reproducibility, Accuracy, and Time to Results between a Hemocytometer and the TC20 Automated Cell Counter.

The following accessories are deemed essential for this product:

  • Thermal Label Printer

    Working at 120–240 V, this Thermal Label Printer connects to the TC20 Automated Cell Counter in order to print results onto labels. This product comes complete a USB cable and 1 roll of 500 labels.

  • Thermal Printer Labels

    For use in a thermal label printer, to print off results obtained with the TC20 automated cell counter. Each pack of Thermal Printer Labels consists of a single roll, which contains 500 labels.

  • Cell Counting Kit

    This Cell Counting Kit consists of 30 dual-chamber slides (60 counts) and includes 1.5 ml trypan blue, for use with the TC20 Automated Cell Counter.

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  TC20 - Cell Counting Instrument

Cell Imager

The ZOE Cell Imager simplifies fluorescence microscopy with an intuitive touch-screen interface to control the brightfield, three fluorescence channels, and integrated digital camera.

How will this benefit my lab?

Often when performing experiments that rely on live cells researchers need to make quick appraisals of their culture status. Assessments of cell confluence, expression of a fluorescent protein, or health and morphology can be done quickly and easily with the user friendly interface. Rather than using a much larger, more powerful, and expensive instrument, the ZOE provides a compact, cost effective, and yet flexible means to view and capture images.

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General Laboratory Equipment

To make a laboratory run efficiently it’s important not to ignore the small pieces of equipment, these can be just as critical as the larger items. Here is a list of general equipment that is essential for any life science laboratory.

  • Pipettes


    Professional Micropipet Backpack Starter Set

    This useful set fulfills all micropipet requirements to get you started, including 4 professional micropipets (0.5–10 μl, 2–20 μl, 20–200 µl, 100–1,000 µl), a carousel micropipet rack, 4 racks of pipet tips (TBR-14, -35, -40, Prot/Elec™) and a handy Bio-Rad backpack.

  • Centrifuge


    Model 16K Microcentrifuge

    With its brushless motor, this benchtop centrifuge is exceptionally quiet and requires no routine maintenance. Its 18-place rotor accommodates 1.5 and 2.0 ml tubes.

  • Temperature controlled water bath

    Temperature Controlled Water Bath

    Running at 120 V, this 6L water bath can work from ambient to 100°C. Features include a stainless-steel tank and gable cover, over-temperature protection, a non-mercury thermometer, and is CE-approved.

  • Digital Dry Bath

    Digital Dry Bath

    This digital dry bath with a stainless steel chamber and aluminum blocks provides rapid and even heating of 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, or 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 15 ml centrifuge tubes. The broad temperature range (ambient +5ºC to 150ºC) is ideal for most common laboratory needs.

  • BR-2000 Vortexer for sample mixing

    Sample Mixing


    The BR-2000 is a general purpose mixer, it has variable speed settings and a 3 position switch for continuous mixing or touch activation. This heavy duty mixer is supplied with rubber feet to improve stability and a general purpose cup attachment. (Flat adaptor sold separately).

Antibodies and Flow Cytometry Reagents

StarBright Dyes logo

Bio-Rad supply a wide range of antibodies, reagents, and kits suitable for flow cytometry, including our unique StarBright Dye labeled antibody range.

If you are just getting started building new panels can be challenging. Let us do the hard work for you with our Customized Flow Cytometry Panel Building Service


We also offer a wealth of resources to get you and your team up to speed with flow cytometry. We have detailed training resources for those just starting out in flow cytometry, our flow cytometry guide is perfect for new starters who want to build their experience on a solid foundation. In addition, our flow cytometry workbook provides a comprehensive course to guide new starters helping to ensure successful flow cytometry and trustworthy data.

We also have online tools that are useful regardless of your level of expertise. Try our online spectraviewer to help you assess which combinations of fluorophores are likely to be suitable for your experiment and our panel builder to help you select the most appropriate combinations of antibodies.

Need Something Else?

This information is provided as a guide to help in the consideration of new laboratory equipment specifically for labs in which the primary focus is cell analysis. If you don’t see the equipment that you need don’t worry, as this is only a brief overview of the products available. If you would like to speak to Bio-Rad about any of the items here, please get in touch.


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