Buzzing for Bumblebees: An Educator Workshop on Conservation, Identification, and DNA Barcoding


March 12, 2024
Damon Tighe

oin us for an exciting workshop dedicated to the conservation of native bumblebees! In this session, you'll dive into a captivating classroom activity that empowers students to identify bee species using entomological tools and cutting-edge genetic methods.

Learn about:

  • Bee identification techniques: Learn hands-on methods for identifying bee species that blend traditional entomological tools with modern genetic approaches and that foster a deeper understanding of local bumblebee populations.
  • Discovery of Bombus incognitus: Hear the fascinating story behind the discovery of this recently identified bumblebee species native to Colorado. Explore the importance of distinguishing between closely related bee species for effective conservation efforts.
  • DNA barcoding for species identification: Delve into the world of DNA barcoding and discover how this revolutionary technique enables the identification of species that may be challenging to distinguish visually or through geographical information alone.

Speaker's Biography

This webinar was presented by Damon Tighe, a Bio-Rad Curriculum training Specialist. Before working at Bio-Rad, Damon was a high school teacher and researcher at the Joint Genome Institute.