Water Quality Testing

Products for the detection and enumeration of water quality indicators and pathogenic bacteria in water: RAPID'Chromogenic Media, iQ-Check&reg PCR Testing Kits, and CheckN'Safe™ Kits for use with the XplOrer64™ Automated Water Quality Testing System.

Category Products

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    Chromogenic Media
    The RAPID’Chromogenic range is a line of alternative methods that represent a faster, easier and more economical solution than their standard counterparts.
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    XplOrer64 System

    The XplOrer64 System is an innovative and convenient automated method for the rapid detection and enumeration of E.coli, coliforms, and Enterococci in water.

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    Water PCR Testing Kits
    Perform Legionella quantification in hours instead of days with our complete testing solution including iQ-Check® Real-Time PCR Detection Kits.