Tube Gel IEF Systems


Several options for first-dimension tube gel separations for electrofocusing and analytical electrophoresis applications using ampholytes are offered, as are accessories.

Category Products

  • lsr_mini_protean_2d_tube_gel_cell_pdtn.jpg
    Mini-PROTEAN 2-D Electrophoresis Cell

    The Mini-PROTEAN 2-D electrophoresis cell performs both tube gel IEF and vertical electrophoresis applications. The entire 2-D procedure can be completed in a single cell and in less than a day.

  • lsr_glass_tubes_for_ief_pdtn.jpg
    Glass Tubes for IEF
    Borosilicate glass tubes for IEF are cut and polished by hand and may be used for any tube gel electrophoresis application.