Preparative Electrophoresis


Preparative electrophoresis devices fractionate and purify nanogram to gram quantities of proteins or nucleic acids by electrophoresis or continuous electroelution from gels.

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    Preparative PAGE Cells
    The Model 491 prep cell and mini prep cell separate proteins and nucleic acids by continuous-elution gel electrophoresis. Separated biomolecules are delivered in liquid fractions
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    Preparative IEF Cells
    The Rotofor® family of products has been discontinued. We will continue to provide support for Rotofor owners until March, 2020.
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    Preparative Electroelution Cells
    Bio-Rad's whole gel and mini whole gel eluters are designed to elute and collect protein or nucleic acid fractions from preparative slab gels. The Model 422 electro-eluter elutes macromolecules from