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A variety of antibodies conjugated to HRP or AP enzymes, soluble substrate systems for ELISA, and mouse isotyping kits are offered.

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    ELISA Enzyme-Antibody Conjugates
    Bio-Rad offers enzyme-antibody conjugates suitable for use in all microtitration enzyme immunoassays. Affinity purified antibodies are available conjugated to HRP or AP.
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    ELISA Substrate Kits

    The Bio-Rad AP substrate kit contains easy-to-use p-nitrophenyl phosphate tablets and dilution buffer concentrate to prepare 500 ml of working solution.

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    Mouse Typer Isotyping Kit
    The Mouse Typer isotyping kit provides a convenient ELISA method for identifying the class, subclass, and light-chain type of mouse IgGs in tissue culture supernatant and ascites fluid.