Gel Imaging Systems

Free Gel Excision Kit

Sterile and safe removal of bands from gels.

Bio-Rad gel documentation systems are market-leading, reliable, and easy-to-use systems for all your DNA and protein gel documentation needs. See below for a short list of compatible dyes and stains.

Stain Free EnabledStain-free enabled imaging systems, when used with Bio-Rad's stain-free gels, allow immediate visualization of proteins without the time, mess, and cost associated with traditional gel staining and destaining.

The NEW GelDoc Go Imaging System

Flexibility. Power. Efficiency.

Enhanced performance — gel documentation in three simple taps plus robust data acquisition and analysis with the Image Lab Software for protein gels, nucleic acid gels, or colorimetric blots.

Big Impact. Small Footprint.

Watch the video to see all the features of the new small and mighty GelDoc Go Imaging System. Be sure to sign up using the form above to be the first to be notified when the system becomes available.

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Gel Documentation System Comparison

GelDoc Go System
GelDoc Go System
GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer
GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer
Best for smaller research labs doing routine gel documentation
  • High-resolution personal imaging
  • Easy-to-use software with minimal set up time
  • Large imaging area with compact footprint
  • IQ/OQ tools and software for management of user accounts and permissions
Industry-friendly gel documentation system that calibrates itself before every run
  • Reproducible gel, blot, and film imaging
  • Protein quantitation over a wide dynamic range
  • cGMP-ready with available 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and IQ/OQ modules
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Acquisition and Applications
  • CMOS camera-based system with UV and epi-white LED illumination
  • UV tray for nucleic acid and Stain-Free imaging, and for colorimetric blots with epi-white illumination
  • Blue tray for DNA/RNA imaging and excision without damage
  • White tray for Coomassie and other trans-white applications
Flat-bed scanner with LED illumination (400–750 nm) enables:
  • Protein quantitation for Coomassie Blue- and silver-stained gels
  • Imaging of diverse samples on 1-D and 2-D gels, colorimetric dot and slot blots, film-based chemiluminescent blots, and autoradiograms
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Stain Compatibility for Bio-Rad Gel Documentation Systems

Choose the best imaging system for your lab based on your most important applications.

Nucleic Acid Detection

Gel Documentation System
GelDoc Go System
GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer
Ethidium Bromide » Not applicable
SYBR Green I or SYBR Safe Dye
Not applicable
Coumarin Stain Not applicable
Fast Blast
DNA Stain »

Protein Staining

Gel Documentation System
GelDoc Go System
GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer
Stain-Free Imaging* » Not applicable
Blue Stain »
Silver Stain »
SYPRO Ruby, Flamingo, and Oriole Fluorescent Gel Stains » Not applicable
Pro-Q Stain Not applicable Not applicable
*Requires Bio-Rad's stain-free gels

Stain-Free Western Blotting

Stain-free western blotting allows you to quickly check electrophoresis and blot transfer quality and obtain truly quantitative western blotting results, updating traditional blotting techniques with innovative tools.

Faster Results. Better Data.

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Applications and Technologies

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