Gel Drying Equipment

bio-rad's flexible gel drying systems


Bio-Rad's flexible gel drying systems accommodate multiple gel types and allow optimization of drying conditions to minimize gel cracking.

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    Model 583 Gel Dryers
    The Model 583 gel dryer has a 35 x 45 cm drying surface, which is large enough to fit up to 16 mini gels, 9 Criterion gels, 2 large format gels, or 1 sequencing gel.
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    HydroTech Vacuum Pump
    This pump is perfect for gel drying and for many other applications requiring a continuous vacuum of greater than 29 inches of mercury (23.4 Torr). The pump works well with the Model 583 gel dryer.
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    Double-Up Gel Drying Systems
    The double-up gel dryer rack accommodates two gel dryers up to 60 x 50 cm. The bottom shelf is on interlocking glides that allow full extension and easy access to the gel dryer's surface.
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    Model 583 Gel Drying Supports
    Available supports for use with the Model 583 gel dryer include: filter paper backing for stained gels, cellophane membrane backing, clear membrane for transmission densitometry, and more.
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    GelAir™ Drying System
    The GelAir Drying System is perfect for drying polyacrylamide and agarose gels between two sheets of cellophane. Ideal for densitometry, photodocumentation, overheads, and long-term storage.