Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies

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Fluorescent western blotting antibodies address the need for accurate, quantitative protein analyses, with advantages over conventional western blotting antibodies including multiplex detection, brighter signal, and a streamlined workflow.

Fluorescent Antibodies and Imaging System

ChemiDoc MP Imaging System

Versatile imager ideal for fluorescent western blotting.

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Chemidoc MP Imaging System

Benefits of StarBright Antibodies

  • Easy Multiplexing

    Easy multiplexing

    Can detect multiple proteins on the same blot.

  • Exceptional Brightness

    Exceptional brightness

    Shorter exposure time compared to regular fluorescent dyes (seconds instead of minutes).

  • High Signal to Noise Ratio

    High signal-to-noise ratio

    Ideal for use with Bio-Rad's ChemiDoc MP Imaging System.

  • Low Non-Specific Binding

    Low nonspecific binding

    Conjugated to highly cross-adsorbed antibodies.

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Benefits of Fluorescence Western Blotting

Watch the video to discover how fluorescent western blotting permits multiplex detection and differentiation of up to three proteins simultaneously, and eliminates the need for cutting, striping, and reprobing blots.

Applications & Technologies

  • Western Blotting Doctor

    Western Blotting Doctor

    Protocols, video tutorials, and selection guides are available to help you at every step of your western blotting experiments.

  • Stain-Free Imaging Technology

    Stain-Free Imaging Technology

    Learn about total protein normalization using Bio-Rad's stain-free technology.

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