Experion™ Automated Electrophoresis System

nucleic acid and protein analysis incorporates labchip technology


This automated platform for nucleic acid and protein analysis incorporates LabChip technology into an integrated system that performs multiple electrophoresis steps in one. Software analysis tools are offered for flexible data analysis

Category Products

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    Experion Priming Station
    The Experion automated priming station prepares chips for successful automated electrophoresis of protein, RNA, or DNA with minimal hands-on time.
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    Experion Software
    The Experion software adds to the efficiency of the Experion automated electrophoresis system by providing easy access to setting up and running an experiment and to data analysis functions.
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    Experion Starter Kits

    Experion protein and RNA starter kits help the user with all facets of the system, from chip preparation and sample analysis to validation of the system with a known standard.

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    Experion Analysis Kits

    Experion analysis kits combine chips and reagents to perform protein, RNA, or DNA analyses with the Experion automated electrophoresis system. Chips, reagents and supplies can also be purchased