2-D Electrophoresis Buffers and Reagents

readyprep 2-d starter kit


Buffers and reagents are offered for each step of the 2-DE separation process. The ReadyPrep 2-D starter kit is designed to simplify setting up the PROTEAN i12 IEF system and optimizing your 2-D electrophoresis technique.

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    ReadyPrep™ 2-D Starter Kit
    The ReadyPrep 2-D starter kit is intended for first-time users of the PROTEAN IEF cell and ReadyStrip IPG strips. The kit contains tested premixed reagents and a reference manual with technical tips.
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    E. coli Lysate Sample
    This E. coli lysate sample is performance-tested to generate a consistent pattern when used with ReadyPrep 2-D starter kit rehydration/sample buffer. Use as a control to validate your 2-D protocol.
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    Overlay Agarose
    Overlay agarose saves time in setting up second-dimension SDS-PAGE samples. Bromophenol blue tracking dye is incorporated into these solutions to allow monitoring of electrophoresis runs.
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    Detergent for IEF
    Detergents are used in electrophoresis when it is necessary to disrupt protein-lipid or protein-protein interactions. SDS, Tween 20, Triton X-100 and CHAPS solutions are available.
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    Reducing and Alkylating Agents
    Reducing and Alkylating Agents

    Reducing agents are commonly used during sample preparation to cleave disulfide bond crosslinks within proteins and between protein subunits. DTT, TBP and iodoacetamide are offered.

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    Bio-Lyte carrier ampholytes, supplied as clear aqueous solutions, are blended to give a complete range of isoelectric points for reproducible, linear pH gradients.