Ion-Exchange HPLC System: D-10

The Gold Standard in
HPLC Technology

For Diabetes Testing, Hemoglobinopathy Testing,
and Quality Control

  • Keeping HPLC Simple

    The D-10™ is a compact, easy-to-use, automated HbA1c and HbF/HbA2 system that utilizes gold standard ion-exchange HPLC technology to deliver accurate results clinicians can trust.

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  • We've Added Features to
    the D-10 System!

    The D-10 now offers:

    • Chromatogram export
    • Onboard QC module
    • Personalized report headers

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  • Small System with a Big Impact

    The D-10 System provides comprehensive, fully automated HbA1c and HbA2/F testing in a compact footprint. Designed for clinics, physician offices, and clinical laboratories with small to medium sample volumes, the D-10 System, with an integrated computer, fits in almost any lab and saves valuable bench space.


Experience the Proven Power of the D-10

Simplify Your HbA1c Testing with Ion-Exchange HPLC Technology

From early reagent preparation to results review, the D-10 System is designed to simplify HPLC so you can easily train your staff. With automated features and a multilingual user interface, it's easy to integrate into your lab workflow.

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  • Watch the video to learn how to get more done with the D-10 System's efficient workflow.

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Cost Efficient

The D-10 System has no hidden costs and offers high quality automated results. Save time and money with Bio-Rad ion-exchange HPLC technology.

Watch the video to learn why the D-10 makes economic sense.

"The D-10 is 'rock solid' and makes economic sense."

Matt Wheeler, Administrator
Bossier Family Medicine

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Easy to Use

The D-10 System saves labor hours and improves productivity because it requires no sample preparation, minimal maintenance, and no manual data entry. With its touchscreen user interface and onboard computer, the D-10 is easy to use.

Watch the video to hear how easy it is to run the D-10 System.

"The D-10 rapidly changed the way we test."

Jamie Justice, Quality Manager
Bossier Family Medicine

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Powerful Performance*

The D-10 System provides clinically accurate HbA1c results and a chromatogram to aid clinicians in diagnosing and monitoring patients living with diabetes.

Watch the video to discover why clinicians value the chromatogram for additional clinical information.

"We utilize the chromatogram to confirm that the A1c is a valid measurement of the patient's glycated HbA."

Dr. David Robertson, Endocrinology
Atlanta Diabetes Associates


One System, Two Tests

D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program

D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program

Screen for prediabetes, diagnose, and monitor patients living with diabetes

Directly measure HbA1c with ion-exchange HPLC which meets the most stringent guidelines for diagnosing diabetes. Report high quality, clinically-relevant HbA1c results without interference from HbS, HbC, HbD, and HbE heterozygotes. HbF is detectable and there's no interference with the results at normal levels and up to 10%.

Powerful Performance

HbA1c is reportable without interference from:

  • The most common heterozygous hemoglobin variants: HbS, HbC, HbD, and HbE*
  • HbF ≤ 10%
  • Carbamylated hemoglobin (CHb) ≤ 6%
  • Labile A1c (LA1c) ≤ 3.5%
  • Acetylated hemoglobins
  • Lipemia ≤ 6,000mg/dL (60g/L)

Confidence in Your Results

FDA cleared, NGSP certified, IFCC anchored and CE marked.

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D-10 Dual Program HbA2/F/A1c

Test for diabetes and β-thalassemia in one kit

The D-10 Dual Program can be used for β-thalassemia screening by quantitation of HbA2 and HbF, and for the detection of abnormal hemoglobins. Select the Short Program to report HbA1c without interference from HbS and/or HbC. Choose the Extended Program to report HbA1c without interference from HbS, HbC, HbD, and HbE. The Extended Program is also the method of choice for β-thalassemia testing. HbF and HbA2 are calibrated to provide accurate results including clear resolution of HbS from HbA2.

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As Testing Volumes Grow — Add a Rack Loader​

d-10 rack loader

D-10 Rack Loader

The incidence of diabetes is increasing worldwide. At some point, you might need to expand your HbA1c testing capacity. Because the D-10 System grows with the testing needs of your lab, you won't need to buy a new system or perform a validation study. Expand your walkaway capacity with a D-10 Rack Loader, that can be installed in a single service visit and improve your lab's HbA1c efficiency and overall laboratory productivity.​

  • Offers five times greater capacity than the stand-alone D-10 System
  • Provides convenient sample loading for walkaway capability
  • Brings enhanced flexibility with STAT sample processing

Why Clinicians Value Bio-Rad Ion-Exchange HPLC for Accurate HbA1c

Not all HbA1c assays are created equally

Given our history and experience in HbA1c and β-thalassemia testing, it’s no wonder that over 9,000 of your peers around the world have chosen the D-10 System over other methods. Bio-Rad ion-exchange HPLC provides a complete picture. Our HPLC technology provides both a numerical result and a visual picture of the separated hemoglobins, distinguishing hemoglobin fractions based on charge differences. Other methods cannot provide this clinical information. A chromatogram helps clinicians see potential interferences that may affect their patients' HbA1c results and helps explain discordant results in the presence of interferences so they can choose the appropriate treatment.

  • "We have chosen the D-10 System because of its accuracy and reliability."

    Dr. David Robertson, Endocrinology
    Atlanta Diabetes Associates

  • "The D-10 helps HCPs manage patients with military precision."

    Dr. William Maranto, Family Practice
    Bossier Family Medicine



*Interferences from common hemoglobin variants: HbS, HbC, HbD and HbE were tested. Based on net performance criteria the results were acceptable.