Biofuel Enzyme Kit

Biofuel Enzyme Kit

Physics and chemistry underpin all areas of biotechnology. Knowledge of chemical and physical principles is essential for understanding biological systems. The Biotechnology Explorer™ Kit Curriculum Manuals, laboratory extensions, webinars, tutorials, and other materials all include opportunities to teach the relevant physics and chemistry principles. Examples of kits that focus on the role of both chemistry and physics in biotechnology are the Size Exclusion Chromatography kit and the Biofuel Enzyme kit.

Related Kits for Chemistry/Physics

Green Fluorescent Protein Chromatography Kit
Use this kit in conjunction with the pGLO™ kit to take your students through the process of creating a new product — from discovery in the laboratory to biomanufacturing to market.

pGLO™ Kit SDS-PAGE Extension
Use this kit as an addition to the pGLO kit to illustrate the central dogma of molecular biology: DNA transcription, protein translation, and the expression of a trait.

Biofuel Enzyme Kit
Explore enzyme kinetics and function through the real-world application of cellulosic ethanol production. Calculate the conversion rate of a model biofuel substrate by cellobiase.

Size Exclusion Chromatography Kit
Give students hands-on experience with column chromatography, a common method for biopharmaceutical protein separation. Demonstrate the principles of size exclusion chromatography.

Got Protein?™ Kit
Introduce students to proteomics and provide the tools for them to develop their own protein-based experiments based on Bio-Rad's Quick Start™ Bradford protein assay.

Protein Expression and Purification Series — All Four Modules
Introduce students to the world of cancer research and biomanufacturing with this modular 5–7 period laboratory activity series in which students express, purify, and evaluate an enzyme.

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