PowerPac HV Power Supply with Temperature Probe #1645059


The PowerPac™ HV power supply supports an output of 5,000 V, 500 mA, and 400 W, which allows its use for all high-voltage applications, including low-current applications in the microampere range. With its 400 W output, the PowerPac HV offers enough power to run the most demanding isoelectric focusing (IEF) experiments or up to four DNA sequencing gels simultaneously. Researchers can easily transfer run data from anywhere in the laboratory using the built-in wireless IR capability. Data can be sent first to a PDA and then to a PC, or directly to a PC with a peripheral IR receiving device. (Communication between the PowerPac HV power supply and a PC or PDA requires that PowerPac data transfer software (catalog #164-5097) be installed on a compatible PC.)

This package includes a temperature probe to monitor gel temperature between 30 and 90°C during electrophoresis. Temperature control is particularly useful for DNA sequencing and SSCP analysis, in which constant temperature is important for resolution and reproducibility.