Nuvia™ IMAC Uncharged Resin, 5 L #12004040


Ligand Nitrilotriacetic acid
Particle size 38–53 µm
Total ligand density ≥18 µmol/ml
Dynamic binding capacity* >40 mg/ml at 300 cm/hr
Compression factor 1.20–1.25
Recommended linear flow rate 50–300 cm/hr
Pressure vs. flow performance Under 2 bar at flow rate of 300 cm/hr in deionized water (20 x 20 cm packed bed, 1.2 compression factor)
pH stability 2–14
Shipping solution 20% ethanol
Regeneration 50 mM EDTA, pH 8.0 (stripping) 1 N NaOH (CIP/SIP)
CIP solution 1 N NaOH
Sanitization 1 N NaOH
Storage conditions 20% ethanol or 2% benzyl alcohol
Shelf life 5 years
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