EVOLIS™ System

EVOLIS™ System


EVOLIS™ Automation

EVOLIS™ System Profile

A. Pre-Dilution Station
  • Space for 288 pre-dilution samples

B. Pipette Tip Station
  • Disposable tips eliminate carryover contamination
  • Tips in 300 µL or 1,100 µL volumes
  • Held in racks of 96 tips
  • Station holds 480 tips in 5 racks

C. Sample Queue and Reagent Loading Deck
  • On-board capacity for 180 primary tubes plus reagents
  • Each rack holds 20 primary samples
  • Accepts wide range of primary tube sizes

D. Pipette Arm
  • Performs plate dilutions and distributes primary samples and reagents
  • Level sensing for primary samples and reagents
  • Clot detection management

E. Microplate Pipette Station
  • Holds four microplates containing individual or multiple assays per plate

F. Wash Buffer Reagent Drawer
  • Capacity for four single-liter wash bottles

G. Wash Station
  • Eight-channel double probe arm for independent aspiration and dispense cycles

H. Microplate Transport System
  • Transport arm moves microplates between workstations as programmed

  • 4–37°C incubators
  • 4–Room temperature incubators
Side View of Loading Deck
  • Sample queue and reagent loading deck


EVOLIS™ System

Customer Training Program

Course Description

Perticipants will learn:

  • The skills required to operate the instrument on a daily basis
  • How to set up and initiate an assay run
  • Procedures and techniques to properly maintain the instrument
  • Techniques to interpret results
  • Skills applicable to troubleshooting

Participant Information

A minimum of two participants is required to conduct a class. Enrollment is limited to eight participants to allow for maximum hands-on instructions.

A fee of $5,000 covers lodging and meals. Other expenses, including gratuities, are the responsibility of each individual. Airfare not included.

Course Candidates

  • Users designated as the primary operators who are not familiar with the platform
  • Users designated to train other operators on-site
  • New users

Course Outline


1. Introduction

2. System

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Chemistry

3. Software

4.  Worklist

5. Review and

1. Set Up Runs

2. Kit Handling

3. Assay

4. Result Review

5. Review and

1. Combination Plate

2. Software Review


4. Review and

1. Maintenance

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

2. Review and

1. Multiple Assay

2. Review and

3. Final Quiz

The EVOLIS™ System is a self contained micoroplate processor for automated EIA testing. Offering a high degree of analytical performance, the system is dedicated to smooth and safe handling of materials.

Designed for low to high volume testing, the EVOLIS™ System is fully automated for walkaway operation. It can process up to 6 plates per worklist running up to 4 tests per plate. The System has a capacity of up to 180 primary tubes with racks accommodating tubes 8–16 mm in diameter. Other features include four independent temperature controlled incubators, four ambient light protected incubators and three different wash buffers.

With comprehensive, multitasking software and full bi-directional functionality, one or more EVOLIS™ Systems can be connected to the laboratory information system (LIS).

The EVOLIS™ System offers the right solution for your laboratory testing needs.

EVOLIS™ System (includes EVOLIS analyzer, computer, monitor and printer)
EVOLIS™ System (includes EVOLIS analyzer, computer, monitor and printer)

Fully automated microplate processor; includes computer, monitor, printer, software (1 system)

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