Culture Media

Culture Media


CandiSelect™ 4

CandiSelect™ 4


Direct Identification

Presumptive Identification

Candida albicans
Pink to purple colored colonies
Candida tropicalis
Intense turquoise colored colonies, spherical,
regular outline — smooth morphology (S)

Presumptive Identification

Candida glabrata
Turquoise colonies, shiny, flat, regular outline —
smooth morphology (S)
Candida krusei
Large turquoise colonies, dry appearance, irregular
outline — rough morphology (R)

Excellent Visualization of Mixed Cultures

C. albicans + C. tropicalis C. tropicalis + C. glabrata
C. tropicalis + C. glabrata + C. krusei C. albicans + C. tropicalis + C. glabrata + C. krusei
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CandiSelect™ 4 is a chromogenic medium designed for the direct identification of Candida albicans, as well as the presumptive identification of Candida tropicalis, Candida glabrata, and Candida krusei. This highly effective culture process allows optimum differentiation of mixed yeast cultures and selective isolation of yeasts from clinical specimens. CandiSelect™ 4 cultures are easy to read, with clear identification by colony colors and morphologies. Combining culture, isolation, and identification on the same medium reduces the number of yeast ID panels needed and yields faster turnaround. Economical, effective, and reliable, CandiSelect™ 4 is currently the only chromogenic medium available in the U.S. for presumptive identification of Candida glabrata.

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