0.5 ml PCR Tubes with Flat Caps, high profile, clear #TBI0502



Pkg of 8, bag of 100 thin-wall polypropylene PCR tubes with attached caps for labeling, natural (800 caps)



Choose 0.5 ml PCR Tubes with Flat Caps for efficient heat transfer during cycling. The thin-walled polypropylene tubes and caps have tight seals.  These tubes are not suitable for real-time PCR.

  • Flat caps frosted for easy labeling
  • Smaller packages can help prevent accidental contamination from multiple users
  • Double-locking caps for a strong seal during cycling and storage
  • For 100–200 µl reaction volumes
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA
  • Use to determine instrument compatibility

Product Options

PCR Tube Volume Caps Package size Catalog Number
0.2 ml Domed 1,000 TWI0201
0.2 ml Flat 1,000 TFI0201
0.5 ml Flat 8 x 100 TBI0502


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