Microseal® 'P+' Reusable PCR Plate Sealing Pads #MSP1002



Pkg of 10, reuseable PCR plate-sealing pad for automation, for use with Moto Alpha™ Units (ALP2296, ALP2238)



Choose reusable Microseal 'P+' PCR Plate Sealing Pads for thermal cyclers with motorized heated lids. Designed for use with higher pressure sealing from motorized Moto Alpha Units in DNA Engine® Thermal Cyclers.

  • Use for sealing plates where there are successive runs in the same plate
  • Tight sealing; use for low-volume reactions, as low as 5 µl in 96-well plates and 1 µl in 384-well plates
  • Clean with 1:10 dilute bleach, rinse with deionized water, and let dry
  • Autoclavable and moderately UV resistant
  • Use for approximately 25 runs

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