Microseal® 'P' Reusable PCR Plate Sealing Pads #MSP1001



Pkg of 10, reuseable PCR plate-sealing pad for automation, for use with Power Bonnet™ Lids (ALP1296, ALP1238)



Choose reusable Microseal 'P' PCR Plate Sealing Pads for use with thermal cyclers with motorized heated lids. Designed for use with higher pressure sealing from motorized Power Bonnet Lids.

  • Use for sealing plates where there are successive runs in the same plate
  • Clean with 1:10 dilute bleach, rinse with deionized water, and leave to dry
  • Autoclavable and moderately UV resistant
  • Use for approximately 25 runs

Use Microseal 'P+' PCR Plate Sealing Pads (MSP1002) with the newer design Moto Alpha™ Units (ALP2296, ALP2238) in DNA Engine® Thermal Cyclers.

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